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Open letter to America – Whom not why?

Dear America I am confused. Help me understand you. As an Australian I constantly see the trickle effect your actions have on my country.

NO! Just NO! Bad relationship that needs to end

Message: I desperately want to be free to date other women on a more casual basis but she keeps hanging on. Anytime I try to

Room full of secrets? – Reply

Message: He says that there’s nothing wrong with his sexual appetite, that it’s completely normal and that any problems are all in my mind. But

Wicked partner passes away – Reply

Message: He was 48 and his parents are besides themselves with grief, but I can’t even pretend to be upset. His deluded mother keeps banging

Friends say I’m a drunken slut – Reply

Message: When I arrived, three of my other pals were already there. I was invited to sit down and simply told to listen. Then, for

How To – Quit smoking and other vices

Quitting… Smoking and other vices. Tim Cudmore – 19/04/16 In our ever changing world of gross excess and hedonism, I hear one question more

Long distance relationships – Can you make it work?

Long distance relationships – Can you make it work? Hey all. I’ve been receiving a few messages lately surrounding this kind of relationship and

How to tell a friend the real truth… Morality and other questions.

11/9/15 – 1 left in the que Good day Tim, I have a friend who recently got engaged to her on and off boyfriend.

Guilty until proven innocent or innocent until proven guilty?

11/9/15 – 3 left in the que Message: How do I make my daughter see that her boyfriend obviously has another woman? She says she

When too much is a bad thing.

Hi Tim 11/8/15 – 4 left in the Que Message: My mother has terminal cancer and is spending her last few months with my